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Home insurance: what factors are taken into account to determine the cost?


When you occupy a home, it is essential to insure it. Home insurance can protect you from the risks of everyday life such as water damage, fire and other natural disasters. It also includes civil liability. Note, however, that prices may vary from one agency to another. But by the way, what are the cost factors of home insurance?

What factors are taken into account to determine the amount of home insurance?

Several parameters are taken into account to calculate the amount of your home insurance . The first elements concern your situation and the characteristics of the accommodation, these are:

geographical location: indeed, some areas have a higher level of risk than others, and this level of risk is taken into account in the calculation of the price of home insurance

Then comes the question of movable capital. This is the value of the goods to be insured and which are present in your home (furniture, household appliances, computers, decoration and other valuables). It is important to mention this because in the event of a claim, you can be compensated with an amount capped at the furniture capital chosen.

Warranties that affect the cost of home insurance

Most home insurance formulas include guarantees such as civil liability, water damage, fire, natural disasters, climatic events, acts of terrorism, assistance and criminal defence. However, it remains essential when taking out home insurance to take stock with the agency of the guarantees present and the exclusions of guarantees,

There are also more complete insurance formulas with optional guarantees such as theft and vandalism, electrical damage, glass breakage, bicycle insurance, refurbishment or even reimbursement of locks. Logically, the more guarantees your contract includes, the higher the amount will be.

Good to know: you should also remember to discuss deductibles with the insurer, because in the event of a claim, a deductible may remain your responsibility. Some home insurance formulas offer the possibility of choosing the amount of the deductibles. There is even home insurance without deductible!

How to find the most interesting home insurance?

Before, it was essential to go to several agencies in order to establish quotes and compare them. But today, it is very easy to take out home insurance online, from the comfort of your apartment or home! There are even home insurance comparators so that you can quickly receive several quotes to compare in just a few clicks, directly to your inbox.

The other advantage of online insurance companies is that you no longer need to travel in the event of a claim. All exchanges are done on the Internet, from the declaration of the claim to the sending of documents through the need for information.

Online, it is also possible to modulate your contract and add guarantees if you deem it necessary (obviously involving an adjustment of the amount). Finally, always make sure that your home insurance contract mentions an emergency repair service for your electricity, gas, locksmith and plumbing problems.

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