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Victim of a traffic accident? A bad fall? You may be entitled to compensation. Anna, a personal injury lawyer, tells us more.

In the event of bodily injury, why call on a lawyer?

We are talking about bodily injury when someone is injured in a traffic accident, slipping in front of a store, falling down stairs…

If the responsibility of others is engaged, it is important for the victim to know that he may be entitled to compensation, and therefore to call on a lawyer .

In the event of a traffic accident, a compensation process with insurance will be initiated. Then, either it is resolved amicably, or we go to court.

Each case is different, so each process is done on a case-by-case basis.

It is often possible to resolve the problem amicably , without going to court.

+Advantages: avoids having to go before the judge (especially when the institutions are overloaded), faster because you avoid waiting years for a return from the courts with legal fees to pay.

– Disadvantages: we are sometimes less compensated.

The lawyer obviously has an advisory role: he is the one who will redirect the victim towards the right option (legal or amicable procedure), having studied what is most interesting for the victim.

He must also know how to calm the inclinations, the anger of the victims , and take a step back from the situation.

Each lawyer must respect the principles set out in the sworn oath: dignity, conscience, independence, humanity. The principle of humanity is all the more important in the event of bodily and medical injuries: you don’t play with money, it’s people’s lives, with the physical and psychological consequences they encounter.

If he must be very empathetic, the lawyer must not allow himself to be overwhelmed by emotions, he must be able to put himself in the place of the victims while remaining in his position as a lawyer.

Finally, he must know how to explain why one cannot ask too much, be reasonable, especially since he can compare with other files already treated.

How to choose a personal injury lawyer?

First of all, you have to get on well with your lawyer . This is the most important: to have good relations, cordial relations.

You have to feel that you can talk to him freely, that he listens, that he won’t judge. Not having the impression of being one file among others, especially in this type of fairly personal file.

Making sure your lawyer knows the case is important. Moreover, the lawyer must be honest and know how to say if he does not feel competent to deal with such and such a case, and if necessary redirect to a colleague.

Last tip: Be able to discuss money with your lawyer. Already because it’s not a taboo subject, and moreover because it’s important to explain if you need to pay in installments or otherwise.

How much does it cost?

Anna  : Impossible to say! Quite simply because it depends on the work required of the lawyer, but also on the lawyer , his experience and his specialty. Location matters too.

Good to know: Each lawyer has his own fee agreement, but has the obligation to have the client sign a fee agreement (a bit like an estimate). This convention gives an idea of ​​the amount.

It is made up of a fixed fee and then a performance fee, between 8 and 12% (never goes beyond 20%), depending on what is obtained in the judgment.

No, it’s forbidden by the rules of procedure for lawyers and the rules of professional conduct.

But since 2014, we have a little right to advertise, but within a certain framework.

At the criminal level, lawyers make themselves known by word of mouth , the website of their firm. Some have also put their contact on the Yellow Pages and Cabinets have a plaque affixed to the office building. Finally, duty lawyers manage to meet new clients through this channel.

In all areas it is forbidden to canvass.

As an associate in a firm, part of my time is normally allocated to the development of my personal clientele . Right now I’m already quite busy, but during calmer times, yes, Widr could be interesting for finding clients.

Also, I belong to a Facebook group where a lot of recommendations are made, and I think Widr would make those recommendations a lot easier.

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